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Our Story

OsloCampervan 2021

About Us


We are a family of four, Helene and Jostein, with two kids and two dogs living in Oslo. We have always loved traveling, being outdoors and experience whatever the nature has to offer. One day we decided to rent a camper van to travel around with for two months, and we spent the whole summer experiencing the wonderful country Norway is. 


With magnificent nature, beautiful destinations and incredible views. This summer gave more flavor. With "our home" always with us and everything we needed, we were able to move across the country within a short period of time. In addition, it was good for the wallet. We therefore decided to buy our very own camper van. 


Later we wanted everyone else to also have this opportunity to experience Norway and decided to rent out our dear "HELENIUM", as our first car was named. And that's how Oslo Campervan came to be. And now Oslo Campervan is one of our babies as well. 


We are now in a situation where the demand is high and we will therefore welcome more campervans to the family as soon as we can. We see that more people want to experience our beautiful Norway in the same way and we are so happy about that, as well as proud to be able to contribute to it.


Our Company Headquarters

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