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Tollroad and ferrys
Renter pays for toll road and ferries due to our flat fee. The deposit you pay when booking will be retained until the rental period is over. We deduct your use of toll crossings and ferry crossings before we refund the remaining amount. We will refund the money through PayPal/Stripe.


Renter shall pay for fuel. The car is filled with fuel when the period starts, and it shall be delivered back with the same amount as when the renting period starts. Be aware that our vans only use diesel.


If the Renter damaged the car, the renter shall pay NOK 10.000 to owner (insurance fee). Renter shall also pay for fines/tickets in the period.


Right of withdrawal

If there are more than 45 days to the first rental day at the order date, you have a 7-day right of cancellation. If you cancel the purchase before the deadline expires, the total rental amount will not be required from the tenant. If there are 45 or fewer days to the first rental day at the time of booking, you have no right of cancellation. Section 22 of the Right of Withdrawal Act then applies, which means that the law's deadlines and provisions on ordinary right of withdrawal do not apply to trading with See also our cancellation conditions.


Cancellation terms

The following rules apply unless otherwise stated in the confirmation:

  • If you cancel a motorhome rental up to 60 days before the pick-up date, 30% of the rental price is lost.

  • If canceled 60-45 days before the rental start date, 70% of the rental price is lost.

  • If canceled less than 45 days before the rental start date, the entire rental price is forfeited.


Cancellations must be in writing and sent to


Before the start of the rental period

  • Give notice of errors, defects or damage (preferably with a photo) if this is discovered before your rental period. This is so that you are not charged for any damage/deficiencies.

  • Check the diesel level and whether other warning lights are on or whether the car requires maintenance that we have not been made aware of.

  • Let us know if it is inadequately washed/cleaned.



When returning the van after the rental period

We ask that the following be done before the car is returned:

  • The car must be washed manually on the outside. It can NOT be machine washed due to the solar panel on the roof. This will then be destroyed. You can use this nearby place for washing (tokens are bought inside the station):  (Soft Wash Grefsen, Rolf Wickstrøms vei 50, 0484 Oslo, Norge)

  • The front and back of the sleeping compartment must be vacuumed/broomed and washed. As well as in the kitchen. Kitchen items that have been used must be washed up and put back in the cupboard/drawer.

  • The waste tank under the sink is emptied.

  • You must empty and wash the toilet.

  • Bed linen and cloths/kitchen towels are removed and placed in a bag, possibly collected in the sleeping compartment.

  • Diesel must be filled to the same level as it was when the rental period started.

  • If there has been destruction or damage to the car, either externally or internally, this must be reported immediately.

  • The key must be placed on the front wheel facing in from the road or directly back to us.

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