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Surfers Paradise - Stavanger - Oslocampervan

Oppdatert: 15. okt. 2023

The coast near Stavanger consists of many different beaches and these beaches catch waves and wind in their own special way, depending on which direction they face. For example, Brusand beach has a southern beach front, i.e. it picks up waves better from a southern direction. If there are very small waves from the south, it will only be Brusand that can be surfed on, because Bore and Hellestø beaches are unable to catch these waves. Waves can also be too big for one beach, but suitable for another. Wind direction is also very important, ideally it should be completely calm, but next to that, offshore wind is the best, because it cleans the waves. All these factors require a lot of knowledge about local surf beaches and are very important for a good day of surfing.

Surfers Paradise - Stavanger - Oslocampervan

For equpiment and guiding check. Hjem - Surfschool

Surfing stavanger Oslocampervan
Surfing Stavanger

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