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Fjords, Geiranger and Ålesund - Traveltips Oslocampervan

Oppdatert: 15. okt. 2023

One of the most beautiful tours, which we highly recommend with Oslocampervan.

Oslo, Loen, Geiranger, Trollstigen, Åndalsnes, Ålesund, Atlanterhavsveien, Aursjøvegen, Traveltips Oslocampervan, Geiranger

This tour includes everything, viewpoints, beautiful fjords, steep mountains, waterfalls, and some of Norway's most beautiful roads.

The drive from Oslo to Loen takes about 6 hours, and takes you through the beautiful Gubransdalen. Iconic farms in the mountainside gives you the feeling of finally being in Norway.

The most popular thing to do in Loen is the Loen Skylift which says it gets you from the fjord to the sky in 5 minutes via a Cable Car taking you 1011m high. They have a restaurant at the top and offer activities such as a Via Ferrata. You will need a few hours in Loen if you wish to do the Via Ferrata and explore the top.

Loen with OsloCampervan
Loen with OsloCampervan

Explore the deep blue UNESCO-listed Geirangerfjord. Whether hiking or sightseeing, you are guaranteed to appreciate the stunning views in this UNESCO-listed area in Fjord Norway.

Stay for a while, there is so much to do!

Walk the Fosseråsa national hiking trail and pass behind the Storsæter waterfall.

Imagine living on the small farms Skageflå or Knivsflå – clinging several hundred meters up the mountainside. It's a steep but rewarding hike. Rent a kayak and enjoy the water surrounded by majestic mountains. Get ready for an adrenaline rush!

Whizz through the air on a zip line, or feel your heart race with some canyoning.

Geiranger Oslocampervan

Now Trollstigen. A driving experience along a tourist route rich in tradition with the dramatic scenery that is distinctive to Western Norway. A driving experience along a long-established scenic route with the dramatic west coast scenery of mountains and fiords, attracting tourists travelling by road or by boat. Geiranger-Trollstigen offers numerous highlights, and the eleven hairpin bends of Trollstigen as well as the view from Ørnesvingen down to the Geiranger fiord may set your pulse racing.


And then to Åndalsnes for som hiking. Rampestreken is a fantastic experience. The lookout is 537 meters above sea level, and Åndalsnes is beneath your feet. Continue to the top of Nesaksla. The view is simply breathtaking! From the start point in Åndalsnes town center the trail ascends steeply until reaching the view point, Rampestreken, 537 metres above sea level. The locals love this hike, and they often do this for exercising to be rewarded with a magnificent, breathtaking view. It's classified as a moderate hike, however the last part is quite steep – but manageable. When you reach about 430 masl the trail steepens into stone steps, where the path is made durable thanks to wonderful pieces of stone construction works by Nepalese Sherpas. Worth a study itself, called Romsdalstrappa. The steps provide a solid path most of the way to the top. The path is well marked with signposts and red marks painted on trees and rocks. You'll be updated with signs telling you the elevation every 100 height-meters from the goal.

From top of Nesaksla you have a 360 degrees view. Bring plenty of water. Use footwear suitable for a rough hike, or sneakers. Kids can also do this hike. Estimated time without any rush to reach the viewpoint is about 1,5 hour. Return time from this point is 1 hour. But we strongly reccommend to continue to the top of the mountain, called Nesaksla. It's only 20 minutes more, and you walk most of the time on stone steps. The view on top of Nesakskla (715 masl) is fantastic.


Then we have Ålesund, also elected by National Geographic as one of the most beautiful port cities in Europe. Walk up the 418 steps to the city’s peak, Aksla, and you will be rewarded with a panoramic view you will never forget! Ålesund is perfect for a romantic escapade with your loved one. Just a 15-minute drive from Ålesund and 10 minutes from the airport, Vigra, you will find the charming fishing village of Alnes. Here you get panoramic views of the ocean and can walk through beautiful and diverse hiking terrain from the mountains to the seashore, as well as get acquainted with the picturesque Alnes Lighthouse.

Ålesund Oslocampervan

The famous Atlantic Road, where Northwest meets the ocean, is one of Norway's most popular tourist destinations. The stretch of road was voted Norway’s Norway's 'Engineering Feat of the Century' and, according to the British newspaper The Guardian, is the world's best road trip. Perhaps less well known is that, according to Lonely Planet's travel guide (Blue List 2007), this stretch of road can cure a broken heart.

The Atlantic Road is one of eighteen Norwegian scenic routes. What’s so special about these roads is that they run through unique natural landscapes, by the coast and fjords, mountains or waterfalls. The Norwegian scenic routes are a superb alternative to main roads, where the drive is a unique experience in itself. Car manufacturers from all over the world travel here to make their advertisements. Several major Hollywood blockbusters have filmed on this stretch of road across the sea – including James Bond and Black Widow.

Atlantic Road oslocampervan
Atlantic Road

The Aursjøveien road is the least well-known yet wildest mountain road. The 65-km-long road runs between Eikesdalen and Sunndalen The landscape has plenty of mountains, waterfalls, giant's cauldronspotholes, and fast, sharp bends - while asphalt and crash barriers are a little more scarce. The narrow gravel road takes you from fjord to fjord over wild, precipitous alpine mountains. The stretch of road was built in connection with the Aura Hydroelectric Power Station in the early 20th century and it hasn’t changed much since.

The Aursjøvegen road opens for traffic on 1 June each year.

From around 20 June to 20 August, you can experience one of Norway's most powerful waterfalls – the spectacular Mardalsfossen in Eikesdalen. It was here in 1970 that the philosopher Arne Næss and about 300 others chained themselves to protest the building of a power station.

Aursjøveien road oslocampervan
Aursjøveien road

We reccomend 7 days for exploring this wonderful places.


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